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Project Author: Ricardas Blazukas (WEFT)

Type: Art Commission

Services: Design

Organizer: Almakan

Location: Kuwait

Year: 2018

Over the course of time, art has always been closely linked to social context, appearing in many different forms with the majority being displayed in galleries and exhibitions. In this continuing evolution, and with the societal and technological developments, poster art was given the room to grow and stand out in terms of social engagement, availability, and impact. These are three things that Almakan wishes to embody in its promotion of the art scene, regardless of the undertaken changes.

The 'X / O' posters are commissioned by Almakan and represent a development of WEFT founder's Ricardas Blazukas' artistic style since 'Geometry of Colour' exhibition at Almakan in 2015. The presented compositions are part of Ricardas' ongoing aesthetic experiments where circular shapes composed together become expressive geometries. This time he plays with scale, colour and repetition in search of the qualities of urban visual language.

Total of 3 posters, limited editions of 100.

Available for sale at Street Almakan, Kuwait City.

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