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Project Author: WEFT

Type: Public Realm

Services: Concept Design

Organizer: Audi Innovation Award

Location: Dubai, UAE

Year: 2018

’Monumental Shadow’ is a practical installation that aims to create an area of comfort for the public during hot sunny days in the harsh Middle East climate, at the same time encouraging people to collect around a focal point, creating new gathering and social spaces in the city. It can be adapted within squares and plazas, can act as a public transportation shelter, or even be used as an element of regeneration in deprived areas to create a practical yet social space.

Design of shading devices is usually based on static horizontal elements even though the position of the Sun is constantly changing. A tracker processor installed within the vertical elements of ‘Monumental Shadow’ calculates the Sun’s position using time, date & geographical information and rotates the elements accordingly to cast the most optimal shadow at any time of day. The shelter can potentially be developed to be powered with renewable solar energy.

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