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Project Author: B3 Designers

Design Management: WEFT

Client: Gastronomica

Services: Client Representation, Design Management, Creative Direction

Location: Gate Mall, Kuwait

Year: 2020

Working with award-winning hospitality designers B3 Designers, WEFT took on a role of Design Manager and Creative Director representing Gastronomica and coordinating the delivery of their new Burger Boutique restaurant in Gate Mall, Kuwait.

Burger Boutique is a designer restaurant concept taking a healthy approach to serving high-end globally influenced food items in an open kitchen. Burger Boutique has taken a green and natural approach to its identity from food to branding and design. Architectural natural materials take on a dominant role at Burger Boutique - creatively used raw concrete, live green wall, black metal and wood stand behind the core values of the restaurant. The takeaway packaging solutions made from 100% recycled paper also help define the sustainable approach.

Photographs courtesy of Gastronomica / B3 Designers.

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