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Project Author: WEFT

Type: Architectural Design

Services: Concept Design

Client: N/A

Location: Kuwait

Year: 2021

Al Khaleejia Complex is one of the most iconic architectural developments of Kuwait that withstood a time of over 40 years since its inception. Beautifully maintained building remains a true landmark of Kuwait.

Located the heart of the business area of Kuwait City, it surrounds itself with key developments such as the NBK Tower (Foster and Partners), Al Hamra Tower (SOM) and Arraya Development (Fentress Architects) to name a few.

WEFT prepared a concept proposal contemplating on
the future of the existing development. Instead of remodelling the existing development, WEFT focuses on the idea of preservation of the existing architectural elements and proposes a creative retrofit to offer a new and modern identity.

The extension takes an upwards direction and a new tower crown creates the opportunity for new rentable commercial area with offices, rooftop restaurant, cafe and event space. Meanwhile, the existing tower is adapted with a pattern of programmed lights that articulate the sculptural qualities of the existing facade.

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