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Operating from Kuwait, WEFT is a creative studio bridging architecture, art & design. We create immersive experiences and curate eclectic narratives for cultural, corporate, retail and hospitality clients, leading the length of Kuwait and the Middle East.

WEFT aims to nurture such a working environment where we are able to express ideas as artists, curate experiences as designers and execute projects as architects & engineers. We are particularly well-versed in cultural projects – museums, exhibitions, design installations and public realm projects with a user-centred focus. However, our services are also sought after by corporate clients looking to infuse culture into commercial projects, such as retail, hotels & restaurants.


Our multi-cultural collective network includes architects, designers, storytellers and project managers. We research, masterplan, storyboard and generate design solutions to meet the needs of each and every project. We learn to think and act like the end-user and strive to create context-driven tailor-made projects with careful attention to detail. We embrace local culture, heritage & society and bridge with today’s modern life in order to create meaningful and honest design to people. We take pride in methodical work approach and uncomplicated yet profound design as a result. We enjoy a collaborative work approach and often engage on our projects with talented local and international creatives.

Our extended portfolio encompasses architecture and interiors, curating, exhibition & museum design, hospitality, retail and communication, product design, spatial design and public realm amongst a variety of creative consultancy services.

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